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Importance of a Fetomaternal Ultrasound

There are frequent concerns about the mother and her fetus due to high-risk pregnancies that cause danger to the mother and fetus in the womb both during pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum, making prospective parents feel anxious about how to deal with it. Therefore, fetomaternal ultrasound is important for examining high-risk pregnancies.

Close up of pregnant woman holding ultrasound scan on her tummy

Women who suffer from heart disease, diabetes, repeated miscarriages, asthma, lung disorders are classified as having high-risk pregnancies.

For pregnant women who have the potential to experience high-risk pregnancies, please see a fetomaternal sub-specialist obstetrician. Doctor Sp. OG with a fetomaternal sub-specialty is one of the special expertise of obstetrics and midwifery (obstetrics and gynecology) to detect or diagnose abnormalities in the fetus or mother with more accurate and specific ultrasound.

Fetomaternal sub-specialists will diagnose or detect early possible abnormalities that occur in the mother and fetus, and so that the best treatment or action can be given for the health of the mother and fetus.

Fetomaternal doctors will usually perform an ultrasound which is often known as a fetal scan or fetomaternal ultrasound which is a three-dimensional or four-dimensional ultrasound, usually done to detect early whether the mother or fetus has genetic abnormalities, organ formation disorders, risk of miscarriage, premature baby birth, chromosomal abnormalities and other possibilities.
The time required for this examination is approximately 60 minutes.

Advances in medical technology today make it easier for doctors to get faster and more accurate examination results. The importance of a fetal scan or fetomaternal ultrasound examination for prospective parents is to ensure the health of the mother and baby in detail. Therefore, to provide security and certainty for you as prospective parents who have indications of high-risk pregnancy or not, you should still do a fetomaternal examination. 

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